4 December 2014

Vaults 'Vultures' video premieres

A video for Vaults beautiful new song 'Vultures' that I just choreographed with 6 fantastic women dancing as our witches.

Director: Rei Nadal
Choreography: Me
Dancers: Anjula Kelly, Chloe Ferns, Esmee West, Josie Pocock, Karen Bengo and Naomi Weijand.

From SHOWstudio:

SHOWstudio is proud to launch the new music video from London-based trio Vaults. Vultures is the stunning lead track from the band's EP of the same name. Directed by rising talent and regular SHOWstudio contributor Rei Nadal, the Vultures video is an otherworldly vision that continues the Spanish artist’s move toward music film. Inspired by the song itself, ‘a dark lullaby’, Nadal’s video embodies her signature use of romantic and unsettling imagery in constant juxtaposition.
‘It made me think of a group of woman chanting to each other and to themselves, not to sleep but to comfort each other, telling their story and what it hurts them but also sharing their love and joy. I think these two sentiments were equally important to be represented in the video. As a woman there are so many difficulties in the world; the fear of violence every day, dehumanisation because of my sex, censorship... But in the end I just want to remind myself how lucky I am to be a woman,’ stated the director.
The Vultures video is exclusive to SHOWstudio until 15:00 GMT on Friday 5 December 2014.

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